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Three weeks after Pitch Perfect 2 made its debut on the big screen, Universal Studios confirmed that the fan-favorite will continue with Kay Connon set to pen the script. The latest installment grossed more than 70 million dollars during opening weekend, so it isn’t surprising that the production for Pitch Perfect 3 has been greenlit.

Franchise star Chrissie Fit was just as surprised and excited about the news as every other fan.

“I was not expecting this. I saw it on Twitter and immediately my friends started sending me messages,” says actress Chrissie exclusively to Variety Latino.

The 31-year-old Latina actress — who plays Florencia ‘Flo’ Fuentes, one of the Barden Bellas — believes the success of this film is all thanks to the increíble cast, which includes stars like Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.

“You see the chemistry on the big screen, we’re all great friends. The script was written by a very talented woman and the same goes for our director Elizabeth Banks. It’s a combination of the Barden Bellas and the behind-the-scenes team that we have. Woman-power makes this a successful movie.”

Obviously she didn’t forget the other important factor that makes the movie a huge success: the fans. “They are just incredible, they’re always there for you, showing support.”

The first two films follow a group of diverse female students who are part of the university chorus that participates in national and international singing contests. The multi-cultural cast is what Chrissie admires about Pitch Perfect: “What excites me the most, aside from working with such talented people, is to be the Latina in this franchise. I love that every teenage girl can relate to someone from the Barden Bellas. There are so many different flavors within the group”.

And the question we couldn’t forget to ask: is Flo returning for Pitch Perfect 3? “I think it’s too soon to know. I would love to continue to be part of this production because it’s been one of the most exciting moments of my life, but as of right now, I can’t confirm anything.”

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