Perez Hilton Joins Broadway Full House
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Perez Hilton is ready to make his Broadway debut starring in the unauthorized parody, Full House! The Musical! The Cuban-American personality is set to play the role of Danny Tanner and Bob Saget in the unconventional comedy, scheduled to open in Toronto in late August and head to New York in September.

Hilton revealed the news during an appearance on the Howard Stern Show stating, “I’m really excited to announce…I’m going to be playing Bob Saget in a musical… I’ve been working with this amazing vocal coach named Liz Caplan for a few years.”

The musical will tell the same heartwarming story of a widowed father whose best friend and brother-in-law move in to help him raise his three daughters. The only difference is that in the musical, Danny loses his ability to deliver grand speeches on his many life lessons and “slowly turns from wholesome Danny Tanner to foul-mouthed and dark Saget.”

Full House! The Musical! will be directed by Bob and Tobly McSmith, the same duo behind the Saved By The Bell Broadway show, Bayside! The Musical! Jason Wise will helm the choreography department, as well as provide support as an associate director. The grand show will take place in Theatre 80 in New York’s East Village and will be performed Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Among the list of songs included in this musical rendition of the 90’s sitcom are, “This House is Too Full” performed by the Tanner Family and Comet the Dog, “Have Mercy on My Heart/Don’t Touch the Hair” by Uncle Jessie and Rebecca Donaldson, “Our Family is Better Than Your Family” and “Dad Speech (I’m a F*cking Superhero)” which will be performed by Hilton.

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