Sofía Vergara Not Afriad of Latino
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Sofía Vergara prides herself on her Latino roots. The Colombian actress, and highest paid female in television, is not afraid of Latina stereotypes in Hollywood and actually praises those qualities that she deems respectable.

“I don’t fear stereotypes, especially the Latina stereotypes…in general we are passionate women, crazy about our family, our husbands. We always want to help our children, we involve ourselves in other people’s business but it is because we care so much about our family,” the Modern Family star told Mexican press at the premiere of her movie, Hot Pursuit.

Vergara, 42, also shared her thoughts on the exclusion of Latinos on the screen and how their stories can be brought to Hollywood.

“It’s not like studios are trying to take Latinos out on purpose. Simply, it’s just that the writer comes in and writes what he/she knows. What would be interesting, and what we need, are more Latino writers who can create stories for other Americans and to be able to create more Latino roles.”

Reese Witherspoon, who accompanied her co-star and is an activist for creating films with female leads, also commented on the matter adding that it all starts with the writers and directors, “I agree with Sofía. It starts with the writing. It starts with the writers and directors. So tell your stories, write them down, get in touch with people…publish them on the Internet. I want to hear more.”

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