Justin Bieber Photoshopped Calvin Klein Ads

This week jaws dropped as Justin Bieber’s newest ads for Calvin Klein’s Spring 2015 campaigned were released.

The images showed the 20 year-old singer in a more “mature” light with bulging biceps, amazing abs and a little more than might actually be down below, if you catch my drift.

No doubt about it, the Calvin photos sure started to give everyone Bieber Fever that is until Breathheavy.com released “an alleged un-retouched photo” of Biebs from his photo shoot.

In the “original” we see a much slimmer JB with a little less down under, bitty biceps, smaller pectorals and no shadowing for definition.

Other sites have also compared additional ads that show that they defined his 6-pack and even added a happy trail to his stomach.

Image courtesy of BuzzFeed

Though it’s hard to say if the un-retouched image is truly the original, even in the promo video they swoop by too fast over Bieber’s body to get a good look at his muscular self.

According to Daily Mail, the “Boyfriend” singer was the one who wanted to look, “taller and buff. Bigger bulge implied,” and requested the changes to his half-naked photo.

Incidents like these proves that photoshop is non-exclusive to women to make them look smaller but also for men to look bigger. Whether Biebs knew the altercations were going to be made or not, it goes to show that even celebs are not perfect and an upper-hand has the say in how the final images of them will look like.

What are your thoughts to these changes?

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