Fidel Castro
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It’s been months since we last saw Fidel Castro in public and now rumors of the Cuban leader’s death are sweeping the internet.

Although no credible reports have confirmed the passing away of Castro, it seems that social media has once again “killed” the controversial ex-leader after pointing out that the 88 year-old has not been physically seen in public since January 8, 2014 during an art exhibition in Havana.

Raul Castro, Cuba’s President and brother of Fidel, was scheduled to speak on national TV late Friday but canceled at the last minute.

The most recent official photographs of Castro came after a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Aug. 21.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Castro has been a victim of a death hoax, strong speculations of his death emerged in 2008 after he retired from office and was succeeded by his brother Raul Castro.

It was also a shock to many that Fidel didn’t comment on Barack Obama and Raul’s plans to normalize relations between both countries. Obama and Raul Castro announced the historic deal on December 17th which included the exchange of men held on espionage charges by Cuba and the United States.

The rumors could also be a mix-up with Fidel Castro Odinga, son of a Kenyan politician, who died several days ago at the age of 41.

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