Margaret Cho responds Criticism Golden Globes
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On Sunday night, Margaret Cho stood alongside comedic geniuses Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards where she was dressed as a North Korean member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

While we knew that Amy and Tina would have a bit about the Sony hacking no one expected it to go even further and have Cho dress in military uniform, come out and pretend to be “Cho Young-ja.”

Some were clearly offended, posting on Twitter that this was the “most racist thing I have ever seen on TV.” Even stating, “Margaret, didn’t you fight your whole career to avoid being a stereotype?”

But negative comments from viewers didn’t affect the comedian who even took to Twitter to defend her right to play a North Korean character.

Race jokes have always been a touchy subject that regardless of what or who says something about a stereotype backlash will always come forward.

Though some Twitter fans did speak up and applauded Cho on her performance.

This isn’t the first time that the “Drop Dead Diva” actress dresses up as a N. Korean leader. Back in 2012 she dressed up as Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un in an episode of “30 Rock” with Tina. Her portrayal even earned her an Emmy nomination and she described her part as “karmic payback.”

For now she is defending her performance and using her freedom of speech. While many have mixed reviews about her stunt, and she is pleasantly content.

But does this mean that only the specified race can make fun of themselves? What about other races making fun of other races?

This will be a conversation that will always lead to plentiful discussions. Now tell us, what do you think, did she go too far or not?

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