Getting Know The Real Ana Marí

Ana María Polo is not only one of the hardest working women in television but she is also a fighter and breast cancer survivor.

The Cuban American TV personality has worked hard all her life to become one of the most popular arbitrators on the small screen, but things haven’t always been easy.

In 2003 the lawyer was diagnosed with breast cancer and since that unforgettable moment her life changed completely. Now 12 years cancer free, Polo is an active member and supporter of Stand Up To Cancer, advocating and supporting the research for a cure. In 2011 she became the first Hispanic ambassador for the organization raising awareness and becoming a role model for Latina women all around the world.

Most recently she spoke out about her support for Marriage Equality and the right for committed gay and lesbian couples to marry stating, “What right do we have to interfere with love?”

Ana María Polo has been recognized by publications as People En Español and Huff Post as one of the most influential Latinas in the USA. In this next interview, Variety Latino had the pleasure to speak with the renowned doctor about her life outside the spotlight and what she is most passionate about.

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