Chris Brown Shooting Concert
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It was a frightful night on Sunday, Jan. 11 when five were shot during a Chris Brown performance in San Jose, California.

The 25 year-old singer was performing his hit “Loyal” at the “Capricorn Bash” birthday celebration that was thrown by the San Francisco hip-hop station 106 KMEL when things took a turn for the worse.

In a vine video captures by a fan, we see Brown smiling and enjoying the stage when all of a sudden shots are fired and he ducks down and is secured by his entourage.

According to police, the five people who were injured in the shooting are expected to survive and were all admitted to the hospital while officers have detained several people who are under investigation.

Since the altercation occurred more videos have surfaced across YouTube where we see people in a panic, ducking shortly after the shots were fired. We also see Brown being quickly escorted off stage.

No word on what started the shooting in the first place.

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