Iggy Azalea Called Igloo Australia Peoples
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On Wednesday, Jan. 7 Iggy Azalea won big at the People’s Choice Awards 2015, or should I say Igloo Australia did.

The rapper beat out some of the best moguls in the Favorite Hip-Hip Artist category, which was presented by “Parenthood” actors Dax Shepard and Monica Potter.

Before the duo called out the name of the winner, Potter tried to show off her street cred and started naming some of the rappers that she admired such as “Snoopy Dogg, Dr. Drew and Igloo Australia.”

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While this was an intentional poke at the “Fancy” singer it nevertheless caused uproar on social with people tweeting up a storm about the newest hip-hop gem, Igloo Australia.

But as much “fun” as some had with the mispronunciation of her name, let’s remind ourselves that this isn’t the first time she has been called that.

Back in December her “nemesis,” Azealia Banks, called her Igloo Australia after she went on a twitter rant about Iggy embracing black culture but staying quiet on the Eric Garner verdict.

So coincidently after that awkward presentation, Iggy won the award and took the stage to retrieve her prize. That same night she took the trophy home for Best Female Artist and performed her hit, “Beg For It.”

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