5 Essential Style Tips From Eiza González [VIDEO]

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From her favorite accessory to her never-before-told beauty secret, actress Eiza González stopped by the Variety Latino studios to talk fall fashion.

The gorgeous “From Dusk Till Dawn” star — who recently moved to Los Angeles from her native Mexico — is quickly becoming the next Hollywood It-girl, but how could she not? Her talent, beauty and unique style has caught everyone’s attention, not least of all Robert Rodriguez, who cast her as the sultry vampire Santánico Pandemonium in the TV adaptation of his cult classic film.

This is Eiza’s moment, and that’s why we couldn’t be more excited to share some of her essential style tips, perfect for fall.

If you don’t already, you’ll want to follow Eiza on social media so you can keep up with this trendsetter.

IG: @eizagonzalez

Twitter: @eizamusica


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