SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Benedict Cumberbatch"
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There were a lot of celebrities that were supporting the Chicago Cubs during their successful bid to win the World Series. But the most famous face cheering for the team was actor Bill Murray. The duo was brought together on Saturday for a special celebratory episode of Saturday Night Live.

During a skit for the segment “Weekend Update,”a fictional group consisting of five men were selected as their winners for The Voice. They were introduced as Anthony Rizzo, David RossDexter Fowler, and Murray. The smiling foursome was dressed identically in blue v-neck sweaters with a Chicago Cubs emblem placed over their hearts. In a hilarious moment, the hosts of the fake singing contest asked Murray whether or not he was a former employee!

After a group of backup dancers emerged from backstage, the group sang an original tune titled, Go Cubs Go!

The three ballplayers were having so much fun they came back for another fun skit called, “Surprise Bachelorette” where they danced for a bride-to-be grandmother who had died early in the segment but was propped up like Weekend at Bernie’s. They were joined in their performance by the night’s host Benedict Cumberbatch.

Watch the video in full below:


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