Pamela Adlon Takes a Serious Turn
Photo: Gillian Perry

Pamela Adlon is known for her comedy, but she takes on a much more serious role in the indie film First Girl That I Loved. Adlon stars as Sharon, the mother of a teenage girl named Anne (Dylan Gelula) who falls in love for the first time with her female classmate Sasha (Brianna Hildebrand). Framed within 91 minutes is a beautiful coming-of-age story that gives audiences a look at what it’s like to be a gay teenager in high school today and what happens when they come out to their family, friends, and community.

“I loved working on this film,” Adlon told Variety Latino at the premiere on Tuesday. “It was really low budget. We had the dressing room where we hung out in was a guy’s bedroom in a place in The Valley that I’ve never heard of. We would sit on his waterbed in between takes. But I got to spend time with these people and I was just so floored by them. To be a part of Kerem’s [Sanga] vision, it was a very singular time.”

Adding, “I play Anne’s mom. My daughter has a budding romance with somebody and the girl’s parents don’t approve so she denies that anything is happening. It’s prickly being in high school anyway, but when you get involved with other people’s families it can get a little messy. I like exploring things that can be uncomfortable. I think it does it in a very gracious way.”

Pamela Adlon and daughters (Photo: Gillian Perry)

The Better Things star, who is the mother of three teenage girls, admits if one of her daughters came out to her she would be totally accepting and supportive.

“I’m not only an understanding parent, I think the word for it would be ‘doormat’. An understanding doormat.” [laughs]

The First Girl I Loved is available right now for purchase via iTunes.

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