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Director Terry George is tackling Armenian genocide in his newest film, The Promise which made its big debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday. Oscar Isaac stars as Michael, a medical student caught in a love triangle with Chris, an American journalist living in Paris played by Christian Bale. The object of their affections is named Ana and she’s described as beautiful and sophisticated. The role is played by French actress Charlotte Le Bon.

“It’s a subject that for 100 years … has been suppressed, and I thought this was a wonderful opportunity to try and enlighten the world and at the same time tell an engrossing story, George told Reuters at the red carpet premiere.

Adding, “Let’s get it out into the open. That’s what this film is about. Let’s not hide in the shadows or suppress the information or suppress the history of the event. Let’s have a debate about it. This story happened a hundred years ago and it’s still happening today.”

The film also co-stars James Cromwell Jean Reno, and Rade SerbedzijaThe Promise doesn’t have a release date as of yet although it is set to be available sometime in 2016.

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