Jimmy Kimmel Throws Bryan Cranston an

Jimmy Kimmel threw Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston a Super Sweet 60th birthday party on Friday. The soirée was planned by Jimby Kimble.

“Hi, I’m Bryan Cranston, six-time award-winning actor. I’m sexy, I’m cute and I love the spotlight,” Cranston says in a skit reminiscent of MTV’s Super Sweet 16.

“This is my time to shine bright like a diamond,” Cranston says to his parents, who of course are trying to keep him under budget. Cranston’s big birthday bash requirements, include five crowns, a new car and for Sisqo to perform at his party.

The segment also includes a major tantrum courtesy of Cranston after party planner Jimby Kimble spells his name wrong, then an even worse moment when a certain partygoer shows up in the same outfit.

Watch the full video below.


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