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Queen of the South is gearing up to premiere their first season finale yet there’s so much that has to happen before the credits roll. A stand-out from the USA Network’s freshman season was Veronica Falcon who played the powerful Camila Vargas. The show might be the about the future queen of the south (played by Alice Braga) but as far as season one is concerned, Camila is the one wearing the crown.

“It’s probably one of the most interesting and fun characters I’ve ever had the honor to play, Falcon told Variety Latino. “Camila is a handful and I love her! It’s difficult for a female actor, whether you are Hispanic or not, to find really strong powerful women [roles] that stand on their own and tell their own stories.”

“She’s a complicated character to play because she’s very smart and powerful, and very unapologetic. She’s a villain, there’s no doubt about that. She also has another side to her that makes her more human. That was probably one of the biggest challenges to play a character like her.”

The series is based on the novel La Reina del Sur by Arturo Perez-Reverte and it became a household name when Telemundo adapted it to a Spanish-language soap opera starring Kate Del Castillo. Falcon explained that the character of Camila did not have such a big role in either the novel nor the novela.

“The character in the Spanish version, La Reina Del Sur the character didn’t exist in the way she does in the English version,” she explained. “She was not a major character. It was the writers, producers, and the network who decided to make Camila the villain, the antagonist of the story [for the show]. So in a way, it’s a new character. She is written in the novel but she was recreated for the series. So that was also a challenge.”

Though Falcon was warned not to give too much away about the finale, the one thing she was happy to speak about was the special appearance of Rafael Amaya in a special crossover event where he’ll play his character Aurelio Casillas from Telemundo‘s El Señor De Los Cielos.

“Rafael is gorgeous, right?’ she said. “I’m not in the scene with him unfortunately, he shot with Joaquim [de Almeida]. I know everyone is super excited to see him and I think it’s going to be fun. He was super nice and I know people are going to enjoy seeing him on Queen of the South.”

She added about how they’ll wrap up the season, “I think there’s one storyline that gets resolved and the rest is going to be a roller coaster ride. A lot of things are going to happen that will have everyone asking, ‘really?’ It’s a really good finale!

I’m used to reading a lot of scripts and you more or lose know it’s going to go. When I read the finale, I was absolutely surprised. I was like, ‘Oh my God! Are they doing this?’ It was really exciting. If as an actor I felt like that, I’m really hoping the audience will love the finale of the first season.”

The season finale of Queen of the South airs Thursday night at 10/9c only on USA Network.


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