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They say you’re never too old to follow your dreams, so Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, William Shatner, and George Foreman packed up their bags and headed to Asia for the new NBC comedy show, Better Late than Never.

The foursome were joined on the trip by comedian Jeff Dye who was in charge of many aspects of the trip including picking out where they’d be sleeping. Spoiler alert: it’s not a top hotel with a spectacular view of the city with all the amenties a star is used to receiving. Plus, production took place during monsoon season so expect shots of the cast members uncomfortable with the temperature.

“I will say to you that honestly, the worst memory of the show was that from morning to night it felt as if you were wrapped in plastic, head to toe, Winkler said during the show’s media day. ” It was hotter than hot, wetter than wet all the time.”

Shatner added, “It was beyond anything we had experienced before in sunny California or Back East where some of us are from.  It was beyond anything we’ve ever experienced; that humidity, those threatening thunderstorms and the sweat.  Because there’s always sweat.  You don’t want to sweat on camera.”

Even with all the discomfort due to weather conditions, the guys admitted they encountered extremely friendly locals who mostly didn’t recognize them from their work. They also learned a lot about themselves.

“I learned being uncomfortable is how you grow, Dye said.”  And I think every show I’ve done has just been fun and I just get to be a silly goofball.  But for this, I was in a place I don’t know anything about.  I didn’t know the language or any of that stuff, so that was uncomfortable.  And then working with guys who I admire and look up to, but also I’m around them all day. 

Every time I was uncomfortable, it made me feel ‑‑ I don’t know, I feel like I grew up a little bit, being in all this different stuff that made me really uncomfortable, but that’s why I liked it.”

Shatner added, “We had a great time. We had an illuminating time.  These were cultures that we had never visited before.  [My castmates] were people that really didn’t know each other.  Casual showbiz knowledge here and there; but not really intimately; not really under stress, whereby you’ve got to keep your good humor and your manners, and whether you’re on camera or off camera.  Because you’re always on camera.”

The hilarious Better Late Than Never premieres on NBC on August 23.

This interview was edited for length and clarity.



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