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It’s been a busy weekend for Hulu who revealed the first trailer for Hugh Laurie’s Chance on Saturday and on Sunday they shared a special sneak peek of another small screen favorite with an upcoming original program. Jeffrey Donovan stars as a failed magician named Charlie Haverford in the dark comedy Shut Eye. If you were a fan of USA’s Psych and ABC’s The Mentalist, put this show on your ‘must watch’ list now.

According to Hulu, the show gives viewers a look at the underground world of Los Angeles storefront psychics and the organized crime syndicate that runs them. Haverford, who is a disgruntled employee of a Romani kingpin, starts getting visions after getting hit in the head by a client’s angry boyfriend. Are the visions real or just a figment of his imagination?

Furthermore, if he listens to his wife Linda and opens up his own operation, will he end up dead at the hands of the bad guys?

Shut Eye is executive produced by creator/showrunner Les Bohem and co-stars Kadee Strickland as Charlie’s wife Linda who is tired of the mediocre life, Isabella Rossellini as Rita, the matriarch of the Marks clan who run the psychic empire that employs Charlie, and Angus Sampson as Fonzo, a single father and Charlie’s boss.

Hulu will begin streaming Shut Eye on December 7.




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