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La muerte de la actriz Misty Upham, sigue dando de que hablar por todas las preguntas que aún quedan sin resolver en torno a su fallecimiento.

El 16 de octubre se encontró el cuerpo de la actriz en las afueras de Seattle, luego de que desapareciera un par de días. Todavía no se sabe si se trató de un suicidio o de un accidente.

Y su compañera el la película “August: Osage County” Juliette Lewis, dijo en Twitter que la policía debería investigar más a fondo su muerte, ya que podría tener a terceros involucrados.

“Misty habló mucho contra las injusticias dentro de la comunidad de los nativos americanos,”  dijo la actriz el mismo día que se encontró el cuerpo de Upham  “Y tenía enemigos conocidos, la policía debería hacer una investigación.”

La actriz de “Natural Born Killers” quedó muy impactada con la repentina muerte de su amiga, a quien respetaba por ser una voz dentro de las comunidades indígenas.

#MistyUphamMemorial Misty exemplified the true power resiliance and artistry of the human spirit. She lived through unspeakable violence. Yet she was aware of her own power. Had her own belief system. She did not fear death. She'd grown up knowing its hungry eyes well. And spoke freely of this. One of our last conversations was about this very topic. She had a defiance that could work for and against her. Anyone who knew her knew of her history. Her fractured emotional psyche. Her past trauma. She would readily tell you. She knew voicing things that were meant to break you was the only way to conquer the pain and past of it. Own your history. She also didnt mind making people uncomfortable. Which I adore. And by hell or heaven she'd earned that right. It was her badge and might. The things she's lived through.. Because she understood pain and suffering she could read and heal it in others. She did energy work. She prayed for you. Laid hands on you. Cast out your own spiritual friction. She laughed too when you thought you had troubles. She understood them but knew well you could get through them. The way she had. Even if at times haunted.. Her Artistry was the gift she left all of us. See August Osage County or Frozen River if you'd like to know her this way. She was an incredible Actor. This is where her power and beauty shown through in its purest form. A stillness and focus that was all knowing all pervasive. Her presence was majestic like a wide open landscape connected to the heavens, expansive and formidable. There was a reason she was THE Native American actress to go to in her all too short career of 8 yrs. She would have loved all the attention, interest and LOVE she is being shown in her passing by all who had the privilege of working with her, knowing her or being an admirer of her work. She's a strong soul. I have no doubt she'll find her way. I love you Misty. And I will not live in my regrets. I will honor your path. Accept what I can not control. And surrender it to the universe. Thank you for being the healing hand and steady guide you have been for many. And God Bless u for all you had to endure to show us how brightly you could shine. JL

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Los padres de Uphan dijieron que ella sufría de un desorden bipolar, que podría haber sido a causa de la muerte y que tenía varios problemas emocionales al momento de su desaparición.

¿Qué les parecen los dichos de Lewis?


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