Photos of Emma Watson in 'Beauty
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Images of Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in character of the new film Beauty and the Beast has leaked online to the internet. The world can finally see the former Harry Potter series star in two trademark looks from the film including the coveted yellow gown worn by many Disney princess fans all over the world.

In the first image, you can see Watson holding a couple of books under her arm in what looks like a library. This is extremely familiar territory for the Brown-educated actress who played bookworm Hermoine Granger in the big screen adaptations of the J.K. Rowling novels.

Watson gets closer to the Beast in the next shot that shows the duo in a classic dancing embrace in front of a shattered window made popular in the animated film. The former Downton Abbey actor looks nothing like you would expect and it’s quite possible not even Michelle Dockery would recognize him in this form!

He definitely doesn’t look scary as he holds his dance form but who knows what’s transpired in the film before the shooting of this image.  Commentary online about the leaked Disney image is pretty split with most people including positive feedback about the image.

Beauty and the Beast is set to dance its way into theaters on March 17.

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