Kim Kardashian Helps a Twitter Follower
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Celebrities rack up thousands and even millions of fans on social media, but are they listening to their followers? Kim Kardashian proved she listens and is all about making dreams come dream. Twitter user Joe Berg was disappointed when he wasn’t able to score a pair of Kanye West‘s latest sneaker, Yeezy Boost 750, so he took to social media to vent.

“Son, it’s gone in 13 seconds,” he Tweeted.

Kardashian replied, “What size shoe are u? I showed Kanye your tweets & he wants u to have a pair @mosedeph can’t have them & you don’t.”

Adidas was out of the size 12 Berg was coveting. But all hope was not lost. “Bad news is we don’t have any more 12’s, but the good news is that’s Kanye’s size so he said u can have one of his,” added Kim.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Size 12. No stop. This can’t be a joke. I gotta be dreaming right now. THANK YOU,” wrote Berg.

On June 8th, when this exchange took place, West celebrated his 39th birthday but it seems like it was Berg who wound up with the surprise gift. Sadly, Kardashian mentioned another Twitter follower, @mosedeph, during the conversation who actually had not secured a pair. He is currently trying to get the attention of the celebrity couple so he too can get his hands on the sneaker.

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