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With election day only days away, Rachel Bloom gathered together celebrities to create an anti-Donald Trump video encouraging America to vote. In the video entitled, “Holy Sh*it (You’ve Got to Vote)” created by Funny or Die, was released on Friday and it features top stars including Jaime CamilNaya RiveraElizabeth BanksMobyAdam ScottJesse Tyler Ferguson, and Mayim Bialek all participated.

In the We Are The World style video, the group sings about the importance of stopping Trump from becoming president.

Bloom opens the video with, “I can’t believe I’ve had to stoop so low. But an orange talking STD has driven me to this recording studio. And now Moby is on the drums while Elizabeth Banks plays bass. So we can try to convince the U.S.A. not to shoot itself in the face.” Naya Rivera and Ginger Gonzaga continue, “We are the World type songs are tired.” With Jane the Virgin star Camil adding, “But Donald Trump is a garbage fire.” Adam Pally ends the verse with, “And the worst presidential candidate our country’s every seen.”

Watch the video in full below:

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