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If you’ve been wanting to exact revenge on someone you know (and do not like), there’s now an app for that! With, you can send anyone a text that will spoil Game of Thrones for them. The app sends out an anonymous text message to your target letting them know what happened on the most recent episode. This only works if they are fans of the HBO show, but then again, who isn’t? They also should not have seen the most recent episode.

The texts will continue for the rest of the entire season, so make sure you’re not taking this lightly. “With great power comes great responsibility,” said Uncle Ben from Spiderman.

The creators of the app were inspired by a woman who texts her cheating ex-boyfriend spoilers from the popular fantasy show, the morning after it aired. She has him blocked on all social channels and on her cell phone, but every Monday she unblocks him for a bit of fun. Sometimes she even uses cell phones from mutual friends if she suspects he’s blocked her.

For the record, the anonymous creators want would-be buyers to know they can only spoil episodes that have already aired. They do not have spoilers for any future episodes.

A question in their FAQ section asks, “What’s going to happen to Tyrion?” Their reply, “We’re talking about spoilers here, not time travel.” So hopefully that’s enough to keep them from getting shut down by HBO and George R.R. Martin, who authored the books the show is based on.

The app is available now for just 99 cents.

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