The 7 Most Expensive Super Bowl

In 2015, the average Super Bowl commercial ad spot cost $4.5 million dollars. And, that didn’t include the production cost for each commercial. Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Bug Light, are just a few U.S. companies who over the years continue to dish out big bucks to gain the likeness of the masses. In celebration of the Super Bowl 50, which airs Sunday, Feb. 7 on CBS, here are the most expensive Super Bowl ads of all time:

Taco Bell: “Viva Young” (2013) – $7.6 Million

Taco Bell searched high and low for as many senior actors as they could find to star in this hilarious commercial that shows the elderly living life to its fullest, pulling an all nighter and finally finishing off the night with a trip to the famous fast food restaurant.

Coca-Cola: “America is Beautiful” (2014) – $8 Million

Coca-Cola spent $8 million dollars to produce a one minute ad with breathtaking scenes of different cities throughout the U.S. and the diverse cultures that inhabit them. And what better song to be playing in the background than “America the Beautiful”.

Microsoft: “Empowering” (2014) – $8 Million

Microsoft produced a heartfelt commercial highlighting the incredible capabilities of technology in their 2014 Super Bowl commercial. From helping the deaf hear to connecting people around the world. The tagline: Technology allows us to explore, interact, recover and heal.

Kia: “Matrix” (2014) – $8 Million

When Morpheus enters any room you pay close attention. In 2014, Kia capitalized on the popularity of this Matrix character and hired Laurence Fishburne to once again wear his iconic leather costume and leave Super Bowl spectators in a trance.

Jaguar: “British Villains Rendezvous” (2014) – $8 Million

Jaguar cleverly crafted a mini action movie with A-list British talent, Tom Hiddleston, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Mark Strong. Because, who doesn’t like a commercial filled with bad boys?

Bud Light: “Up for Whatever” (2014) – $12 Million

There’s no such thing as a budget when trying to create an epic night out. This one minute and 30 second beer commercial hired several celebrities, including Reggie Watts and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to help produce a memorable and fun evening.

Chrysler: “Imported from Detroit” (2011) – $12.4 Million

We finish the round-up with the most expensive Super Bowl commercial of all time. This two-minute ad showcased the Chrysler 200 and features rapper Eminem driving around the streets of Detroit to show us his native hometown.

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