Mary + Jane Clip: Six Year
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What can you expect from a show executive produced by Snoop Dogg? You can expect a lot of hilarity, weirdness, and of course marijuana. In the new MTV show Mary + Jane, two women named Jordan (Scout Durwood) and Paige (Jessica Rothe) who live on the east side of Los Angeles and are ganga-preneurs. They’re looking to make some money by selling pot via an app which quickly finds popularity amongst celebrities, foodies, and trendsetters.

We’ll follow along through their adventures including one seen in this new clip released by Vulture where the gals visit a trendy restaurant popular for bread. Little did they know this hot spot with a mega long line literally only sells bread. There will be nothing to wash it down with like water or coffee nor spreads like butter, jam or cream cheese!

Oh, and there are absolutely no selfies or Instagram photos allowed. If you’re caught, you will be yelled at by a woman who makes the Seinfeld Soup Nazi seem like a saint.

It’s also worth noting that a slice of six-year-old sourdough bread, with not even a couple of slices of organic turkey or tuna salad, goes for a whopping fourteen American dollars.

Catch the season premiere of Mary + Jane on Monday, September 5 at 10:00pm ET/PT on MTV.

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