Time 100 honoree Julia Louis-Dreyfus, whose title character Selina Meyer in the hit show Veep, rose from vice president to commander in chief, says her HBO show isn’t a parody. “We create situations that are plausible,” she told Time on Tuesday.

“We don’t even identify parties on our show,” she said. “What’s fun to me when I go out into the real world, and I meet politicians, they all think we’re making fun of the other guy.”

“It’s been gratifying to hear people who are watching it say it’s accurate – frightening – but gratifying,” Armando Iannucci once told Variety, the show’s executive producer, who departed production after season four.  Adding, sometimes “we’ve come up with the most ridiculous story… and we do it, and then we get a call from Washington where they’ll ask, ‘How did you find that out?’”

Season five of Veep, which also stars Anna Chlumsky, Reid Scott, Timothy Simons, Sufe Bradshaw and Gary Cole, premiered April 24 on HBO. The show picks up where the season four finale left off, in a shocking tied election between President Meyer (Louis-Dreyfus) and Senator Bill O’Brien (Brad Leland).


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