Jencarlos Canela Talks Secret TV Project
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Jencarlos Canela and Eva Longoria’s time on NBC’s Telenovela was short, but it won’t be the last time the duo work together. The Cuban singer told Variety Latino he and Longoria are working on a top secret project with streaming giant Netflix during his stop in Los Angeles as part of the Macy’s “Hispanic Heritage Month” tour on Saturday.

“I’ve been developing scripts for film and TV, Canela told Variety Latino. “Reading is a hobby of mine and writing is as well. Eva just jumped on as producer of a series that I was developing. In a week, one of the main writers from Netflix presents the first draft of the series.”

Adding, “When I do projects like the one I’m doing with Eva, music is the backbone of the actual series and the story.”

And don’t sleep on Canela making it on the big screen one day soon! The Miami native discussed his friendship with producer/director/actor Tyler Perry, that might help make that dream a reality.

“Tyler Perry and I are great friends,” he said. “I met him when I did the musical The Passion for Fox where I played Jesus Christ. Tyler has huge plans to integrate the African-American community with the Hispanic community in his projects. I spent my birthday over in Atlanta and toured his new studios. The most impressive thing about it is that Tyler sketched out the whole thing. Every wall in the studio, every room, doorknob and panel on the floor is his creation. To have a mind like that, wanting to integrate his community with ours and make them one, I think is amazing! If there’s anything I can do to help, I will.”

Longoria and Perry aren’t the only big names he is working with. He added, “Adam Anders picked up a film of mine called The Concierge that he’s interested in producing.”

Fans of his music needn’t worry about his acting jobs getting in the way of him. Canela affirmed that music is his true love and he’ll never give that up willingly.

“My music will never take a backseat because that’s my DNA,” he said passionately. “I sang for the first time when I was six years old. I studied classical music and I did opera for four years. That’s just in my DNA. I have the new single Pa Que Me Invitan and that’s my baby right now and my priority. I’m promoting it all over the place. We’re crashing clubs and we’re crashing parties. I’m having so much fun with it. We’re getting the new tour together. I have a concert coming up in Puerto Rico on the 22nd. I have a huge concert in New York with Enrique Iglesias, Wisin, Ricky Martin and Juanes. Music and live shows are my life. That’s where I am happiest. If you see me doing a TV show or something acting related, it has to be because it was either a huge opportunity or because I really loved it. The decisions my team and I make are all passion-based.”

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