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Larry David is considering bringing back another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, according to co-star JB Smoove. The comedian, who is best known for his role as Leon Black on the HBO hit dark comedy, told The Rich Eisen Show David reached out to find out if he was available to shoot a ninth season should he choose to do another one.

“I call Larry every two weeks and I check on him because he’s old,” Smoove joked. “He’s busy, he’s a busy man so I always check on older people. No offense, Larry. So I check on Larry to make sure he’s good. I’ve been seeing him on SNL a lot, making sure he’s not over exerting himself. Just making sure that he’s good and not overly exerting himself. So I called Larry like two weeks ago and I said, ‘Hey, Larry man.’ I just talk about regular stuff with him. It’s not always Curb stuff. But this time, aha! This time, he brought up Curb Your Enthusiasm. I don’t ever bring it up. He brought up it up this time.”

He added, “If Larry does not say no, there’s a possibility he may say yes. He said, ‘If I do come back, you’re going to be available?’ I said, ‘You know something, Larry? I will be available. Just call me and give me early notice and I’ll be here.’ I’ll move anything I’m doing to the side for Curb Your Enthusiasm which would be a fabulous thing to do. Season nine would be fabulous.”

Since Curb never really ended, it’s not out of left field for David to bring back the crew for another season. Check out the interview below:

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