Predator Director Shane Black Teases New
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The Predator monster is getting a new look. Director Shane Black revealed he’s creating a fun and different look for the monster in a new interview.

“It’s not to ‘improve,’ it’s [to] make it fun, make it different, make it organically different,” he told ComingSoon. “So what’s the extension of it that makes sense, that’s exciting? There have been a lot of changes to Stan [Winston]’s design over the years. These different Predator movies have done different things.”

He continued, “Ultimately it’s not about design to me, it’s about the story you want to tell. There are people who are always going to agonize over Iron Man, what color his suit is. Maybe this weapon does a new thing, but if the story is not good I don’t give a s— what color the suit is. In The Predator, we’re doing a lot of upgrades to what you would consider to be the traditional Predator technology and look, but hopefully the story is what’s going to drag people in, not just the attention to the minutiae.”

Plot details for the new film are still under wraps but producer John Davis previously said: “The writing is so fresh, the perspective is so fresh. I’m telling you, you’re going to get something you don’t expect and you’re going to say, ‘This is the most entertaining way to reinvent a franchise.'”

The Predator will be released March 2, 2018.

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